Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Snow has always been a four-letter word, but these days, it has a whole different connotation.
2. Worked really late last night on the German proofing gig. I hope today I can get back in the fiction-writing mode.
3. There was a strange man that popped up out of nowhere today, He wouldn't make eye contact. At least he had clothes on.
4. I love volunteering at the school when it's the Children's Art
Network. One reason is Stephanie, the woman who is in charge. We knew
each other from when Emma and her son were babies and we went to the
library story time together. We lost track of each other. But she lives
out in the county and it's been really hard this winter for them. She
is not really a drinker, but once her husband actually dug them out
(after days) so he could go to the store, she asked for wine coolers.
"What kind?" he asked. The answer? "Whatever goes with Honey Nut
Cheerios. I'm starting at breakfast."
5. I can't believe I am still running. It's been a little over a year. And I still love it.

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