Five things I thoought about during my morning run:

1. Yes. I ran. I know what I said–that I wouldn't run every day. But I
won't be running tomorrow because I have early morning appointments–one
is a dr. appt., the other is a book signing. Someone from
Charlottesville is coming across the mountain for me to sign her books.
So, I'll be at Starbucks in Waynesboro tomorrow at 10–if anybody else
needs their books signed.
2. I took my daughters to get their pictures taken at the local Olan
Mills. They had this special running–which of course had all kinds of
small print and will end up costing me more money than the "special."
But the pictures are amazing. Especially Emma's photos. She's my kid–so
I think she is beautiful. Her sister is, too, and is photogenic, as
well. But something happens when Emma gets in front of the camera. It's
startling to me.
3. Up and down all night. I had forgotten to take my Benedryl. My dr.
told me to take children's Benedryl to help me sleep and it works–but
only if you REMEMBER to take it.

4. So many things are popping out of the ground suddenly. Spring is my
favorite season. I've written a poem about Spring. If I can find it,
I'll share it.

5. Can't wait to meet with the writing students at Waynesboro High

Here is the poem:


Spring is a woman

who thaws slowly, leaving patches

of snow behind, teasing

with hints of green

and bus the promise

of daffodils, dandelions,

tulips, cherry blossoms—

beauty yet to come.

Her name is Oya. Her rivers

and streams rush, roar, rise,

and flow over rocks, sand, mud,

to kiss all life with wetness,

cool and crisp, driven

from the winter snow.

She gurgles with giggles.

Her names is Gaia. Smell her

rich, luscious soil. Feel the

contractions from her life-giving

core while she gives birth

to the music of robins,

Sparrows, and cardinals.

She labors, toils and pushes.

She dances, giggles, and flirts.

She is raw beauty.

Her name is Woman.

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