Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I woke up almost pain free this morning. The medicine is working. The
dr. said I could go for a run. So I went about half way. It's started
to hurt a bit, so I pulled back. One step forward…
2. William Shatner does this interview show that I just love. He i a
great interviewer. I caught a bit of his interview with Gene Simmons
this morning. I love them and respect them both.
3. Okay Shatner is a sexist, but he's honest about it in an attractive
way. (odd.) And I'd love to have a beer with him. That's not the case
with most sexist guys–I might rather spill a beer on them. I just
admire the honesty. He's not worried about being PC. He is who he is. No
4. It's so odd, but I really related to Gene on so many levels,
particularly the parenting level. Who would have thought?
5. Might go to the book fair today. Oooo. I love the Green Valley Book
Fair. But we really don't need more books in this house.

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