Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. Tooooo cold for an outside run. I'm heading for the Wii.
2. My comcast was offline all day yesterday. I was a mess, but I
finished the next draft of Tempting Will and of Maggie Rae's Scrapbooks
AND I cleaned my office. It amazes me how much time it takes up to keep
up with online things. Updating this and that. Reading. Whew. I think
I'm going to try to take one day a week and not even log on. Don't
worry about me if I disappear every now and then. I appreciate all the
concern, though.
3. Things have been a bit crazier than usual because my car has been in
the shop. Took it in for inspection and needed the parking lights fixed
for it to pass. $250 later, I'm ready to roll.
4. Updated my blog this morning. The design template is very
restricting. I'm finding this out as I go along. I may try to find a
new template. But I really like the clean look of it:
5. Today is Emma's gymnastics routine at the school. She is very
excited and went to school wearing shorts."Mommy, can you bring me
pants to change into?" she asked while we were waiting at the bus stop.
She was shivering.

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