Five things I thought abut during my morning walk:

1. I've had this hip injury of some sort since Christmas–off and on.
Usually morning is fine and I run with no problem. But this morning I
woke up in pain. So I went for a walk instead of a run. Frustrating
because it's a perfect morning for a run. And I guess it's time to call
the doctor.
2. I love my doctor. Dr. Heck is the best. But I know he will roll his
eyes and ask me why I am running EVERY day. We had a discussion about my
weight the last time I was there. I told him I needed to lose more
weight and he said not to and that I was not overweight and if I kept
talking about it he'd send me to see another kind of doctor. 😉
3.But I walked to the top of a hill today and realized that when I am
walking up hill it doesn't hurt. Only down hill and straight ahead.
4. Hearing from my friend Daniel this morning. Nice. Glad to know he's
doing so well.
5. I love the word shelter.

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