Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "Yes is the answer, you know that for sure. Yes is surrender. Ya
gotta let it, ya gotta let it go. "
2. So hard to get motivated this morning. I just want to stay in bed and
I would have if I didn't have to get the girls going to the bus. And
well..since I am up and outside, might as well moooove.
3. Tess wanted to know if famous people have someone do the grocery
shopping for them.I said probably. "But why are they all big men with
sunglasses?" What? they are? 😉
4. So my Dad could put that bathroom vent in about an hour. But he lives
in Pa. I called yesterday and asked if he could come for a visit and
help us out. He said "I can do it, but I'm helping build a house and
then building a deck for another person. When I'm done, with those
projects, I could come down." Okay. He's supposed to be retired.
5. I was going to work outside today if I have no work coming in. But it
needs to warm up a bit.

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