Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. These dreams I am having about lingerie. Exquisite textures and colors
and I am feeling all them and looking at them closely. The lace, the
silk. I am trying to choose one–it's so difficult because I love each
2. This morning there was a dead kitten on our sidewalk. It looked like a
newborn. That's always pleasant in the morning–or any time really–to
walk out of your house and see a dead black kitten.
3. Roanoke. The bookstore guy has already sold out of the first
cookbook–so I'm stopping by the restaurant this morning to pick up more
books. He had a hard time getting a hold of the first book and I hope
that's a good thing.
4. Wishing all my ASJA friends a wonderful and successful weekend in New
York. Can't be in two places at once and I was JUST there in February.
I'll try to be at next year's meeting.
5. Looking forward to this "Progressive" dinner tonight in Roanoke. If
there's free wifi, I'll be tweeting about it tonight. Stay tuned.

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