Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Tess waking up and saying "Mom, this week has gone by so fast, I can't
believe it." She is very excited because she'll be seeing her
grandparents and Aunt Robin this weekend.
2. Next weekend we'll celebrate her birthday with a sleepover and
3. I loved this plumber yesterday. For the first time, I have a little
hope. Seriously. I've been dealing with contractors off and on about
year. This guy from Zeh was awesome. So maybe we CAN get central ac in
this house and maybe we can get a vent in the bathroom. Maybe someone
actually wants the job.
4. And yes, I am painting my living room eggplant. Maybe next week.
5. So suddenly Emma is signing up for band next year. She'd going to
play the sax. I can see it, though I will need to invest in some ear
plugs–between Emma and her sax and Tess and her cello…

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