Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Sweat just pouring, heart racing, life is good.
2. Emma and I going out last night to listen to music. Gwynne Wood stole
the show. It's been a great experience to watch her grow as a
performer. Such a charmer. And I never knew Ben was such a wonderful
musician. Pleasant surprise. And it's always a treat for me to see
3. On the way home in the car, Emma was listening to her Ipod and I was
listening to the radio and that song "I Hope You Dance" came on. Her
face was lit by the Ipod and and l looked at her in the mirror. All of a
sudden I felt a surge of gratefulness.
4. But still I am really concerned about her. She has gotten to be very
shy, which is so odd because she never used to be. I hope this acting
class pulls her out of that.
5. I really like those first couple of musicians last night. I think the
one guy's last name was Smith. The second song they sang brought tears
to my eyes. I had to get a grip. 😉

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