Five things I thought about during my morning walk:

1. Woke up with a headache–so I am just walking the dog. Maybe later I
can run?
2. One of the best things about this acting class of Emma's is that I
get to sit in the Darjeeling and have tea all myself, which is way
different than sitting in front of my computer all day by myself. For
some strange reason.
3. Of course, the class is a great experience for her, as well. 😉
4. I am really loving this series "Who Do You Think You Are?" Anybody
else? They take celebrities and trace their ancestry. I have traced one
line back to a King in Ireland–the same one that George Bush traces his
line to. But, before you get all excited about this (a-hem), I read
that MOST people living in America who have any Irish blood in them can
trace back to this king. I think it's Niall.
5. Cox is my maiden name and it can be traced back to being one of the
original surnames, which came about during the time of William the
Conqueror. Le Coq. The names had meaning then. This one meant this clan
was small, aggressive, and watchful. Which describes my father–and
perhaps me–to a T. I always wanted to be svelte, but it seems I have
generations of genes behind me that say otherwise.

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