Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I missed getting the bulldog-puppy love this morning. My neighbor
just got it and every morning, I've been able to steal some of that
sugar. Not this morning. I was too late…
2. Yesterday, I downloaded a bunch of new songs for my run–The Cars,
The Police, couple of Madonna songs. The Cars–great for running to.
3. Okay. So, some of you know this, but my agent loved my second go at
Maggie Rae's Scrapbooks. I was expecting more changes and notes from
her. Nothing. So it's going out this week to several publishers.
4. Writing fiction is so different for me. It's so much more
organic–like most of the time I have no idea where the story is going.
It's a process of discovery. Which is why yesterday's "exercise" was a
challenge. My agent said "You need to come up with an idea for the next
book so we can sell this as a series. And quickly."
5. I am enjoying the challenge of writing genre fiction, you know,
staying within the genre, hitting all the formulas, but being creative
about it.

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