Five things I thoguht about durng my morning run:

1. Finally, a run. Missing a run yesterday was not a good thing.
2. I am running through clouds and smelling honeysuckle. Honeysuckle
reminds me of a poem I wrote a LONG time ago. If I can find it, I'll
share it.
3. My poems are scattered in boxes and on disks. Really, I should get
this part of my life together.
4. Talking history, eating pie, and drinking wine. Lovely image.
5. Thinking about New York City. I had planned to go to Book Expo next
week and even got a press pass. Then I decided not to go–for a lot of
reasons. Now, I am kinda sorry because I keep getting invites to the
coolest events. Also, I wanted to see if my pie book is out on the
floor–is anybody going and could check this out for me? Look in the
Random House booth–the Ten Speed Imprint section?

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