Five things I thought about during my LONG morning run and surprise ending:

1. So I bend down to clean up after Tink and I feel someone watching me.
It was a cat sitting next to this house–it sort of looked like one of
those lawn ornament. But it blinked at me and I swear it chuckled. I
could almost hear it think,”Man that dog really has HER trained.”
2. Look at the rabbit–it doesn’t seem scared of me at all. But then
again, I’ve always had a bit of bunny magic.
3. My new jeans. Here’s what I’m going to do. Get Tess (the best
photographer in the house) to take a picture of me in them and I’m
going to email them to my sister. She is the only person I know who will
tell me if I look like hell in them. They are just way different than
what I’m used to.
4. I found one sweet young woman at the Ann Taylor in C-ville yesterday.
It’s the first time. Every time I’ve been there, I’ve walked away
slightly annoyed. There was another woman there–maybe she was the
manager? I wanted to slap her she was so unhelpful.
5. So, I take a LONG run this morning and who shows up at my house? Yep.
The Zeh guy. While I was gone, he called. Eric let him in and that puts
a whole new spin on my day. He has “the handler” and is installing it.
Still no word on “the unit.”

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