Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Late start and it makes a difference. It's a little too warm for me.
2. The older I get, the more the heat affects me. Just a few weeks ago, I
was weeding and in the sun and got dizzy twice. Tess went inside and
got me some water. But later, I was sick. I am turning into my mother. I
always thought her problems with the sun and heat were because she is a
fair redhead. Must be more to it.
3. So still out here. Everybody must still be in bed.
4. My shins are aching because I climbed to the top of a hill yesterday
in my sandals. But the view is always worth it.
5. Back from Westernport, Md. where Eric grew up. The trip was short.
All of us are so busy, But we wanted to wish his dad happy birthday in
person. 80 years old.

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