Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Having a hard time with motivation this morning. Usually I don't.
Maybe it's because I've been up since about 4.
2. Also, I feel like I might be getting bored with running. Seriously.
Maybe if I get some new music it will help,
3. The music helps a lot–sometimes I break into dance. Maybe I just
need to get back into the dance studio.
4. I don't know if it's new–but it's new to me. I saw a Sade video
this morning that really touched me. It's "BabyFather." I think. I'll
post it if I can find it. I've always loved her–since her first album
(which I still have.) And yes, album dates me. But who cares?
5. Sometimes I feel so blessed with my friends. I love the way they make
me want to be a better person, a better writer, a better mother, a
better friend. Thank you. xxx

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