Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Emma at Kings Dominion all day with the Signature Singers. I usually
go to everything–but last year I went and ended up with a migraine, so I
decided not to go.
2. But I can't stop THINKING about all the horrible things that might
happen to her.
3. Then I think about her chaperone. A good guy that Tom Maneval. I'm
sure she will be fine. I'm sure she will be fine. Yes. I am sure of it.
4. Next year I'm going with Tess and with Emma for the middle school. I
can go and not get on the rides and sit in the shade (if I can find
some). That's what I'm doing NEXT YEAR.
5. The thing is Emma is so proud of herself because I'm not going. She
was very organized and ready to go this morning. Happy that we trust
her. I remember being exactly her age and my mom putting me on a school
bus to go to West View Park in Pittsburgh–our school picnic. I was
fine–and there were NO chaperones. I remember that day fondly and still
have the artwork I did with this spiral paint thing. It's sitting on my
kitchen counter.

One thought on “Five things I thought about during my morning run:

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