Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. So Eric and I had some time to ourselves yesterday afternoon. A rarity. We
went to Charlottesville because I'd been wanting to go to Ann Taylor
Loft to try out their jeans then we went out to dinner at Cocina Del Sol
in Crozet. It was an impromptu advance anniversary celebration. This
week we are celebrating 19 years of marriage.
2. The meal was excellent–it always is.
3. The Loft was disappointing. I found the petite jean. All they had was
low-rise, which I've often thought I'd NOT look good in. But, damn,
they looked okay. But the thing is they were very long. I'm not going to
pay what they want for jeans, then pay to get them hemmed. And when you
get boot-cut jeans hemmed, the line is messed up and you might as well
just buy the cheap jeans.
This is one of my pet peeves about PETITES.
4. ONE TIME and one time only I found a pair of petite jeans at Peebles
that I didn't have to hem or roll up. They had a small section for
petites 5' 3" and under. But the last time I was there, that section had
5. Emma had a lot of fun at the park and came back with a lot of
stories–mostly about the rides. She just loves them. She said the
Signature Singers did a great job.

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