Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Love that warm breeze across my skin.
2. Voyeurism. Pulling back the curtains just enough to let people think
they know you, but they really don't. Also, you have to wonder who is
watching you on social media. And you have to wonder if you really know
if you KNOW anybody that you've gotten to know over the internet. It's a
wild thought for me. And I do think it's a kind of voyeurism that's
sanctioned by most of society. And there are people who love to open up
their lives and be watched.
3. Water. Want. Now.
4. So good to see some friends yesterday just by happenstance. Taking
Tess to cello class has added an element of pleasant surprises to my
5. One friend commented on my hair–which I hate right now because I'm
trying to grow it out. So, it was nice to hear that she likes it.

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