Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Lovely morning. The humidity is much lower today. Hope it stays that
2. Just remembered that my German client won't be sending me any work
today. She's on her way to Virginia. I will actually get to meet her
tomorrow while Emma is in acting class. And I'll get to see Alice, too.
3. So maybe I can get some writing done. I was able to squeeze in a bit
yesterday while both girls were playing at a neighbors house. Scrapbook
of Shadows is coming along.
4. Next week they will be at camp all day long–Frontier Culture Museum.
I have jury duty. Grrrr.
5. The Netflix movies over the Wii thing is very cool. Yesterday we
watched Hairspray (of course) and then James and the Giant Peach. We
started to watch Fame, but it's not the one I remember. There were a lot
of f-bombs being dropped. So I shut it off and sent the girls to bed.
Tess's only remark about it: "She must have really wanted to get into
that school. She's very angry."

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