Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. So cool I had to wear a sweat shirt.
2. A squirrel along the road. I thought maybe it was hurt or stunned. It
ran away from me–but before it did, it ran beside me for a good while.
I was running with the squirrels–very different from running with the
wolves. lol.
3. More writing for me today. Making a push because the girls are in
camp.Tomorrow, I have jury duty and need to report early in the morning.
So, I won't be running or writing.
4. Evidently, there's been a second murder in Waynesboro. Happened over
the weekend.
5."Southern Discomfort," this fabulous Rita Mae Brown book I just
finished. It had some great lines in it. One of my favorites was:
"That'll teach her men are nice to look at but you don't want one in the

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