Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Blue skies. The scent of sweet grass. It's a beautiful and clear a
day as I've ever seen here.
2. Been gone a lot over the weekend. So it's payback time. The house is a
wreck. And guess what…I'll be gone most of today too. (And
tonight…and tomorrow.) Where is the housecleaning fairy when you need
3. Christy handed me a picture of Emma (probably age 3 or 4) and I at
the Staunton Montessori school at some function. This morning, I saw
the photo sitting on the table next to the note about tonight's 5th
grade graduation. We are to show up at 6–so they can take pictures and
give them a CORSAGE. It seems that one minute she's 4, the next she's
graduating from fifth grade.
4. Yesterday I went with my book group to a place called Royal Orchard.
3,000 acres of mountain and a glimpse into how the other half lives. The
author of our book "Never Ask Permission" lives there-in the summer.
The views were breathtaking.
5. I was poking along–as usual–and got separated from the rest of the
group on the way down the mountain. And one of the gates closed on me.
(Yes ONE of the gates.) I had to call Eric to get the code, which I left
at home. They anticipated that we might need it–I wonder if I was the
only one. 😉

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