Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Okay. It's tooooo hot and humid. This will be a quick run.
2. So, I've been thinking about Al and Tipper, again. And, while I found
their relationship inspiring, I also think their divorce is kind of
inspiring. I've known a lot of people who've been married for VERY long
and I can't figure out why when it's obvious they are very unhappy
together and have grown apart. So good for Al and Tipper.
3. Going to Staunton today for Emma's acting class. think I'll check out
the farmer's market while she's in class.
4. Tink was the bell of the pet ball yesterday. She in her red sparkly
collar. She loved up the kids and dogs, cats, and birds.
5. Emma at the pool party. Unfortunately, not very many of the 5th
graders showed up. But she did meet a few kids from the other schools,
which was nice. One boy (who shall remain nameless) said he came to the
party just to see Emma in a bathing suit. I asked Emma what she thought
about that: "I think he's girl crazy and I'm staying away from him."
Smart girl.

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