Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Woke up this morning with a sense of clarity about an issue I've been struggling with. Saying goodbye to someone is never easy. Still, I want to surround myself with people who are kind and nurturing. I can't have less in my life. I won't. I don't have the time.
2, My husband has been working for 14 days straight. Finally, he gets a day off tomorrow. I'm beginning feel like a Frontier Culture Museum widow. 😉
3. Someone at the employee picnic said to me: "Eric's always here. It's a good thing you are so independent."  Funny, the first few years we lived here, people thought I was a single mother and were amazed when I actually showed up with my husband to some events. "You really ARE married. " Yes, indeed.
4. I think when people hear that you stay-at-home, they think all kinds of strange things. The first one being that you are some version of a 1950s breed of woman and mother. I actually had someone tell me "You can't be a feminist and be a mother." I said: "The hell I can't."  And, btw, I am raising feminist daughters, too. (Or trying to!)
5. That man is very nice. He's walking a schnauzer. He said " You picked a great morning to run. But I see you every day." Really? I've never seen him. He didn't creep me out or anything, but still…

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