Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "Ballerina. You must have seen her, dancing in the sand…"
2. Last night I dreamed we moved to Tennessee and I was pissed. I didn't
want to be there. The night before I had another typical stress dream. I
was in college, getting ready for graduation, my room mate Yvonne was
there. I suddenly realized I had tests to make up before I graduated. I
was running around all over the school looking for my professors. 😉
3. Leeyanne. Gosh. She is right on the money with the Tempting Will
stuff. I wish I had known her awhile ago. Her comments have got me going
on it.
4. I was going to try to get to New York for BlogHer at the beginning of
August. But I really need to make these trips count and my new editor
is out of town then. I was planning on seeing him when I wasn't in the
conference. I really need a few days to meet him and some of the other
editors and agents I want to see. So I'm thinking Sept., which would be
easier on Eric since the girls will be in school.
5. Looking forward to James and the Giant Peach. Hoping to see some

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