Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. That old man again. this is the third time I've seen him. He said to
me this morning: "You look tough. Like I don't want mess with YOU." And
he smiled. What? I guess it's my "Muscle" shirt, again..-)
2. The same guy told me he loved, math, too. I was like "What?" Then I
realized I had my old "I love Math" t-shirt on. And I so hate math.
3. But I do like argyle socks that match outfits perfectly, especially
on blue-eyed polite men who can decline the verb "to be" in Latin. On
demand. 😉 I wonder if I remember that correctly…were they actually
4. I do like blonde bombshells who are smart, a little sassy, baseball
crazy, and know a scrappy friend when they meet them.
5. Eric worked like a crazy man yesterday. Reason #1,001 why I love him.
Now the sanding is done in the bathroom. We just need to paint, which
is going to be tricky since it's the only room with a shower…

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