Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I really need to get out here sooner. It is really, really, too humid.
2. I had a dream about bears last night. Well, one fierce bear,
actually. I'm thinking my mothering is getting ready to be seriously
challenged with this whole middle school transition. I always think of a
bear when I think of what kind of mother I am–or when I'm doing any
kind of reflection about it.
3. As I've told Emma, it will just take ONE incident, and I will home
school her. Anybody know any a good non-Christian home school
curriculum? I want to have my ducks in a row–but I hope it won't come
to that.
4. Okay before I get a thousand emails about that NON-Christian thing.
It's not that I've anything against Christians.It's just that those
curriculums are so one-sided about everything and that's not what I want
for my girls. I want to give them the skills to THINK, to evaluate, and
to choose for themselves. And it doesn't scare me at all to think that
they may choose something way different than what I believe.
5. I've always told my nieces and my daughters that fear should never
guide you. Look at it. Figure out why you are afraid. Ask for help, if
you need to. Then conquer it.

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