Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Darn, it's hot.
2. Running with a grin on my face, evidently. Neighbor said. "whatchya grinning about?" I have no idea. I didn't realize I was.
3. Not sure can make my whole run. Else I will be crawling home, gasping for breath.
4. Gosh I love my ac. And it's a good thing–I like my newly painted
walls, too,–since I'm going nowhere. I'd love to get up to Pa., but
even if I could afford it, it seems kind of pointless. Everybody else is
working. Not much of a visit.
5. My Mom's new boyfriend. An Italian from New York who cooks for her,
which is the way to my Mom's heart, of course. But he's been married 5
times. He lives 2 doors down in her apartment building. Eric says, "It's
just like a co-ed dorm." 😉 Anyway, she seems tickled with the
attention, though she's not REALLY admitting that.

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