Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1.Mimosa. Not a very pretty tree–until they get those pink fuzzy blooms. I love the smell of them. So fresh.
2. Tink loves The Police.
3. Monarch of the Glen. I watched three episodes yesterday. I never saw
the earlier episodes. So it's wonderful watching it from the beginning.
But it makes me long for Scotland.
4. My book group was fun yesterday. We discussed Justine. I wasn't the
only one depressed by it. I was glad to know that. I was not the only
one who found it difficult, as well. When I read it years ago, it
wasn't difficult for me at all. Maybe it's the time of year—maybe it's
just my mood.
5. I may start putting the Kilz on my bathroom walls and ceiling today. Eric's finished with the sanding and the caulking

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