Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Hot again. Man, my hips love this weather. No pain at all.
2. What a nice party at Jen's yesterday. Got a chance to talk Kelley,
which is always interesting and fun, and got a chance to talk to Jen's
father–for a long time. 😉 What a great guy. I had no idea he teaches
English. Thanks, Jen for inviting us.
3. Tess is definitely mine. She became overwhelmed with the crowd
yesterday and got a sudden stomach ache and held onto me, sobbing. So we
ate alone in the play room. Eric reminded me of a Thanksgiving in
Westernport where Tess and I had to eat in a separate room. Same
reason. I know exactly how she feels, but I've learned to compensate.
4. Queen Anne's Lace everywhere this morning. So pretty popping up in
between the clover in my wild flower field.
5. Enjoying Justine so much. Lawrence Durrell was an incredible writer.

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