Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The Last Will of Moira Leahy by Therese Walsh. I finished reading it
yesterday and am not sure I can begin to read another book. Do you know
how that is? When you love a book so much that you are certain the next
book you read will disappoint?
2. I discovered Therese on Twitter–or she discovered me. I'm not sure
which. We bonded over our children. It seems her son and Emma and have a
lot in common. I had no idea she was such a gifted novelist. She
is–and guess what–next week her book is released in paper back.
3. The world has sooo many good books–why bother with the ones that are
not good? I no longer feel the need to continue reading something I
don't like.
4. I am a little miffed this morning. I purchased an external zip drive.
It came yesterday. The disk will not eject. I've tried everything,
including the paper clip trick. I emailed the folks I purchased it
from–still waiting to hear from them. Any of my computer guru friends
out there that know anything about this issue, please let me know.
5. That's the thing about technology. It changes so frequently. I have a
lot of my writing backed up on Zip disks, which are already ancient
devices, evidently. Computers don't really come with Zip drives anymore.

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