Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Reading India's post this morning. Here:
2. The post hits on a sore spot of mine. I hate when people say "I don't
have the time to…" when it's not time, it's priorities. I always have
the time to write, but may not have the time to do my laundry (heh) or
meet my friends for drinks. You see?
3. You always know when you are at the bottom of someone's priority list–and that doesn't feel good.
4. Three yard sales in the neighborhood this morning. I ran by each one. I don't need any more junk.
5. So, I am so excited to be a new novelist and working with Kensington.
I was looking around on their site the other day. And I saw someone I
thought was an old acquaintance Peter Pezzelli, who has written a series
of books. Very successful. So I emailed him: Are you the same Peter I
met at the Wesleyan Writer's Conference? Yes. It's him. He was blown
away by my memory. But I had forgotten about us reading our poetry to
one another under this huge tree. He remembered that. Of course, we all
did that and were encouraged to meet in between sessions. That year Jane
Smiley was teaching. She was amazing. George Garrett reviewed my novel I
was working on then. Class act, all the way. He saved me, in the
kindest possible way. Anyway, like Peter said, who would have thought
that all these years later we would be published and by the same
publisher…(I think the conference was 1989!)

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