Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. It's like running in a steam bath this morning.
2. Eric tells me it rained hard last night. I didn't hear a thing. Went
to bed early and did not move, apparently.
3. Today, we go to the dr. who tested our girls for ADD. Through an
insurance SNAFU, we found out that one of our girls has been diagnosed
with it. The SNAFU? If you are tested, and are not diagnosed, evidently,
you're not covered by insurance. At least that's our understanding,
now, which wasn't our understanding BEFORE we had them tested. So, maybe
it will just take a few calls to get this straightened out.
4. Heading into a summer slump–business-wise. The publishing industry
just might as well issue a blank statement about August. "Don't bother
us this month. We are all on vacation. And don't bother us the first 2
weeks in Sept. ,either, because we a catching up from our extended
breaks." lol. It's the same way in DC with the government. I hated
it–because it seemed like I could get nothing done because, of course, I
was still working.
5. I was able to get "Lark Rise to Candleford" dvds from the library and
I watched 2 episodes last night. I just love that show. This is the
summer of movie watching and tv watching for me. I can't stand the heat,
so I am inside a lot more than usual. My friend Kevin used to tell me
that I don't watch enough TV–I am catching up. lol.

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