Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. I believe I'm suffering from Mennonite confusion. I saw a
plan-dressed Mennonite man get out of a truck that he had been driving. I
thought the plain-dressed ones did not drive.
2. Speaking of Mennonites, I need to get back up to the Mennonite
Farmer's Market. That was an amazing place. If Christy ever stays home
this summer, I know she'd want to go back, as well.
3. I sort of have Mennonites on the brain—they figure in my mysteries.
4. Last day of camp. They will be making their own lunches. That worried
Tess. I had to send a snack with her.
5. Last night the employees at the museum had a pot luck. Someone made
homemade vanilla ice cream. It was worth every calorie. (Before you
ask–no I didn't bring pie, I brought hummus.)

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