Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. My hips don't lie. This is good, good weather for them.
2. Maybe we'll go to the book fair today. Eric is off. Finally.
3. I entered Tempting Will in this contest–and it didn't win, but I did
get some good and bad feedback. And I've already made changes.
Sometimes you have to dig your heels in about this stuff, though. For
example, one of the judges was really put off by the sisters fighting.
"Colonial sisters wouldn't behave like that." Well, I beg to differ.
First, even though they are Colonial, they are in the Frontier. Second,
we all seem to project our ideas of what Colonials were like–making
them somehow better behaved and almost godlike. Sisters fight. There's
that problem with sex, too. If you don't think they were having sex out
of wedlock, you just need to look at some midwives records.
4. And so that brings me to my Colonial "Sexpert" (as he likes to call
5. Yes, yes, I know I should be focusing on my mysteries. And I am. But I
think going back and forth between writing projects is a good thing.
It's a good thing to take a break from one for awhile. It fuels my
creativity to move back and forth. Besides, I have no idea what the
deadlines are on the mysteries. I'm still waiting on my contracts. And I
already have a DAMN good start.

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