Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. "Love is a temple. Love the higher love. You ask me to enter, then you make me crawl. And I can't hold on to what you've got, when all you've got is hurt. One Love. One Life…."

2. I LOVED hearing Christy's voice not once, but twice, yesterday. 

3. My dr. appt. today. I hope I don't FORGET it. It's now taking 18 months to see Dr. Flather. I love her, but she's so busy, I wonder if I need a new dr. 

4.The hormone cream? I don't love it and will let her know ALL about it today. Yep. I'm still waking up sweating. Okay. It's milder than it was. But the cost of the cream does not justify the affect of it. At least not so far.

5. I love the way Tess is approaching her cello. I've never once asked her to practice. Yesterday, she practiced 30 minutes. Her little fingers were so red.

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