Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Ok. If I don't get any work in today, I'm taking the girls to POOL.
There's a lot of rumors floating around about Sherando. If anybody knows
anything conclusive, please let me know. The last I heard the family
who was sick was diagnosed with food poisoning.
2. "Baby here's the sun, baby here's the sky, baby I'm your light and
I'm your shelter. Baby if you were mine, I could freeze the time and
keep you in my kitchen forever…"
3. Dr. appt. yesterday. "Watch running in the heat. It's really hard on
your body." Okay.
4. So, I think I'm giving up caffeine–or at least my daily dose of it. I
am down to one cup of coffee in the morning. I think next week, I'll go
down to a half a cup and switch to decaf. Dr. said she gave it up and
hardly gets migraines and feels so much better, period.
5. Ya gotta love a dr. who pokes her head in the waiting room and says;
"Which one of you is MY BABY?"

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