Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Rain. Ahhhhhh….
2. Yeh, the whole dr. appt. yesterday was fascinating. Interesting to
see all of your observations and intuitions scientifically plotted out
on a chart–after much testing. So one child has a classic case of ADD,
the other one they are not so sure. The other girl might have an
auditory processing issue. More tests for her.
3. Let this be a lesson to all mothers everywhere–including
myself–ALWAYS trust you own intuition, even over school officials,
teachers, and experts. Seriously. I wish I had done this sooner.
4. It's so hard to see your kids clearly sometimes. I know that. But I
always had this this doubt in me that just picked at me: Maybe I am
expecting too much, maybe this is just really the best she can do. And
it would be okay if it was. Truly. Do I think she's brighter just
because she's mine? If she's really bright, why is everything so
5. The other one floors me. Always a hard worker and much more
consistent–turns out she was compensating. She was beginning to hit a
wall and it showed up in her frustration with math.

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