Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Push. Push. Push. Need to get moving.
2. The fireworks in Waynesboro last night were fantastic. We were at the
golf course, with about half of the city.
3. About half way through the fireworks, my "big girl" Emma, climbed on
my lap and said "I love you, Mama." Still makes my heart standstill.
4. I complain about Eric not being home enough. But I tell you I know it
would be worse if were we still living in Reston or DC. The move here
was a good thing–even though I miss my friends, the culture, and
restaurants. I mean, Eric's 15 minutes away. In DC, everybody's at least
an hour away from home. And I would have to be working outside my home,
as well.
5. When I quit my editing job almost 12 years ago, I thought I could
step into another one whenever I wanted. Who knew the economy would
tank? Though now my career has taken a different path–one that I never
could have imagined. 😉

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