Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Golden haze over the mountains. You can still see the blue form through the haze.
2. The girls are stir crazy. The are picking at each other and driving
me crazy. So, I'm glad the their aunt is taking them shopping this
afternoon and they are staying the night with her. A change of scenery
will do them good.
3. One of my daughters spent most of the afternoon in her room
yesterday. Poor thing. She has a mother who is involved with her life.
She will either get with the program or we will have a very rough few
years of it. I hope she will thank me for it someday.
4. I think the contract negotiations have ended. I'm expecting the
contract from Kensington any day. I'm still in the middle of writing the
second book and I'm beginning to have glimmers of ideas on the third
book. Rolling right along.
5. Bravo for Peter Pezzelli on "Francesca's Kitchen." You know, not
many authors–let alone men authors–write a book about the value of
older women in our culture.

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