Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Sweat pouring. Heart racing. Life is good.

2. Still thinking about going to Pa. next weekend. Looking for a cheap place to stay. Dad's place is already full. Mom doesn't have the space. And Becky's basement is full of mold–which I couldn't handle because I am so allergic.

3. Thinking about Sept. is not pleasant. Eric is working every weekend into the middle of October.

4. I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking research because the mysteries I'm writing center around a group of women who get together weekly to scrapbook. In the book I'm writing now, "Scrapbook of Shadows," there's a remarkable book. Artistic. When I used to scrapbook regularly, I used to get a magazine called Legacy, which was "extreme" scrapbooking. Gorgeous. And they would include fancy paper samples–which I used.

5. I just love paper. All kinds of paper. Vellum. Rice paper. Fine paper. And also newsprint. My grandfather was a layout artist at the Beaver County Times. One of my earliest memories is of him bringing me a complete blank newspaper. I placed it on the floor, stretched out on my stomach, wrote stories, and designed them on the page.

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