Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Quantum Physics. One of my fascinations. One of my main characters in
my novel, Beatrice, is a quantum physicist. Anyway, yesterday NPR had a
bit on about it. Now they can make an atom disappear and reappear
somewhere else. What happens if they do that to a person? Like the guy
said yesterday, these physicists think of humans as a system of
"information." So if you make them disappear and reappear, how does that
mess with who they are?
2. I wish I could have listened to the whole thing. I was making supper
and that's always bedlam. They girls are running in and out of the
kitchen. Eric is in there sniffing around. Oye.
3. I cleaned out the TOP part of Tess's closet yesterday. I have some
cute dresses heading Violet's way. I'm going to tackle the bottom/floor
today. Perhaps.
4. One of the things I am always overwhelmed by is the whole clothing
thing with the girls–they are growing so fast, and with the changing of
the seasons, it's a constant shifting around of clothes and boxes and
shoes. It would be so nice to have big enough closets where I would not
have to worry about packing stuff away for the summer or winter.
5. Starting tomorrow, I am going to start getting the girls up early in
the morning so they will start going to bed at a decent hour. Well, hope
springs eternal.

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