Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Can't get Hairspray off my mind. If you get a chance to see it you
should. Shenanarts is doing it. If you are within driving distance,
it's worth your trip.

2. Colton Berry made me wish I was 20 again. 😉 I think he was channeling Elvis. Goodness.

A young man sat next to me and we chatted during intermission. Seemed
like a nice boy. A military school graduate. He said, "You smell so
good," grinned shyly and actually BLUSHED.  I said ," How old are you?" 
"Nineteen."  "I'm old enough to be your mother." "No you're not…are
you?"  That lighting must be good stuff. Need to get me some of that and
carry it around with me where ever I go.

4. I loved seeing Hannah
on stage. Can't wait to see where she decides to go to college.
Level-headed, beautiful, sweet, smart and talented. You go, girl!

Somehow, Emma and I ended up in the best seats in the house. Sitting
right in front, in the center. She loved watching the sax player and I
think she's getting excited about playing it again.

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