Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Waiting on that quantum physics book that Mark suggested.
2. But I picked up a couple of Peter's books at the library. Francesca's Kitchen is one of them. So far, it's delightful.
3. Hurrying up to wait. It took me less time to write Maggie Rae's
Scrapbooks than it's taking for me to get the contract. (Well, at least
the first draft of it!) But it's good my agent sent it back to them. I
know that. I'm just so impatient.
4. My New York City pie tour list is shaping up nicely. I'm hoping for September.
5. So nasty outside. I can't imagine working outdoors these days. I'm so
grateful for our new AC, even though it's meant no vacation and hardly
any camps or things like that for the girls.

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