Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Nasty humid out here.

"Maybe it's got nothing to do with me."  Sometimes when you are
mistreated there's an explanation that DOES have nothing to do with
you–you've just somehow gotten involved with a person with problems.
But still they need to be held accountable.

3. I've no idea what time Eric got home last night. I think it was after midnight. The Blues Fest at the museum was a success.

I saw out friend Everett when I dropped off another shirt for Eric. (He
had been in a beer-keg explosion.) Everett said "Eric's down there
dancing with beautiful young women. They are all over him." I said, "I
hope he's having a good time." And the people who were riding with Ev in
the cart almost fell out because they were laughing so hard–I think
more at the expression on Ev's face. 😉

5. Going to a Ren Fest
today. Can't wait to check it out. We've been to some really good ones.
One in Md. and one in Pa. at a winery that had the best apple wine…

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