Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. The bread we made yesterday was so good. It turned out perfect. I
know it would not have if I had actually tried to bake it–without the
2. I am on a pizza binge–thanks to Shenandoah Pizza & a place in
Brooklyn. I'm experimenting with crust. A friend suggested I use a bread
machine for the crust and lent it to me.
3. Breezy's Pizza, which was literally a hole in the wall in an alley in
Aliquippa, Pa. It was the first pizza I ever had and it was rare back
then. Nobody delivered–at least not there in Western Pa. I think it
some ways pizza is like pie to me–I am trying to recapture that first
enchanting experience with it. I don't know if Breezy's even exists any
more. If they do, I may go back and not really even like the pizza. Who
4. Pretty little red flower in a feathery fern bed.
5. Peter's book, Francesca's Kitchen, is not helping my constant craving
for Italian food these days. The main character is an Italian
grandmother who knows her way around the kitchen and there are wonderful
recipes in the back of the book. Great descriptions about food. Oye.

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