Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Okay. The party we went to was a fund raising event for the museum.
All I have to say is–other than a few of the museum staff members–I
was the youngest person there. Seriously.
2. But it was great fun. There were at least two Captain Kangaroo look-a-likes and one of them could really dance.
3. One woman, not a day over 70, (I should think) was dressed in a white
long flowing blouse with a belt around her hips. The belt buckle was BIG
and was nothing more than the word "bitch." I told Eric we should
really get to know her, but we didn't because she really was not very
friendly. Imagine that.
4. Poor Eric. I finally was able to get him to fast dance–the
twist–and all of his staff members were laughing at him. It spread
through the crowd like wildfire–"Eric is dancing."
5. Eric's boss, John, is from Italy and he takes museum fund raising
trips to Italy. He takes a group of people to un-touristy places, his
home village, with his family and so on. We are putting our heads
together for a tour for food writers. We're just starting to talk about
it–but I'm hopeful.

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