Green Tomato Sandwich Spread—Yum

I finally made the green tomato sandwich spread and here are my observations:

1. A bigger food processor would be so much better. Truly, the most arduous part of making this was the grinding, emptying, grinding, and so on.

2. Though the instructions say after grinding, place the vegetables in a pot and cover them with a water. I decided not to because the vegetables were already a bit watery.

3. Even though I didn’t add water, I still should have drained the watery stuff from the vegetables because my sandwich spread is a little runny. It’s not so bad that i can’t enjoy it. But it could be better.

4. It tasted good—sweet, creamy, with a hint of sour and an even smaller hint of bite. But it’s not quite right, yet.

5. This make recipe make a HUGE amount of spread. I halved it and I still ran out of jars.

6. I am not a photographer or a stylist—but here is what the sandwich spread looks like:

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