Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Being in Pa. briefly always makes me ache. Good aches. Bad aches. I wish things were different.

2. So proud of my niece Abbey who is a poet at Carlow University, in the thick of all the poetry happenings in Pittsburgh. One of the professors there has really taken Abbey under her wing. (All you magnificient teachers out there–you make a difference.) And I am proud of her sister Carly, who is managing an Ann Taylor Loft store in Cranberry and applying to law school, studying hard.

3. Emma and Tess are quite impressed.(And that's a good thing.)

4. So much to do. Errands to run today. Checking off things from my list.

5. It's good to get away from home and people to get perspective. I'm glad to be back. But I am making some changes.

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