My Groovy New Coffee Maker

Color is usually not the first thing you look for when you’re looking for a coffee maker. But when I saw CSNStores’ Kalorik ORANGE coffee maker, it reached out to me. Groovy.  I’ve never heard of the brand, but I trust CSNStores. And I do have a fondness for orange, which began in the 1970s  with our orange shag carpeting and matching drapes. I remember the day the carpet went down and the drapes went up. It was a happy day for my Mom, who had a new reason to twirl around the house.

For years, I hated all things orange. I think it was overload. Now that I have my own home, I was surprised to find myself painting my kitchen cabinets “Paprika,” which has a lot of orange in it. Suddenly, I realized I did not hate the color anymore. In fact, I kinda love the color. Strange how that happened.

So now I have this beautiful orange coffee maker that almost matches my kitchen, thanks to CSN Stores, who delivered it promptly. I don’t know the mechanics of coffee makers and so on, but I can tell you this is one sleek machine and it makes a kick-ass pot of coffee. The Kitchen Queen would approve.

4 thoughts on “My Groovy New Coffee Maker

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