Five things I thought about during my morning run:

1. Clarity. Whoa.

2. Sun beams streaming out of the clouds spilling onto the mountains. Light on the hills. When I see that, I feel a sense of the sacred.

3. Selling a house is hard. I didn’t get to write at all yesterday because we had a showing and Eric and I were cleaning and packing all day. Oye. And then we all went for a ride for 30 minutes while out house was being shown–which the dog enjoyed greatly.;-)

4. It seems I lost my one solid proofreading client. The work has dried up. I need some steady work. When I was working for her, I didn’t have time to write magazine articles or queries because I was also writing my books. So.

5. I read that Buddha Pie will be in New York City. I am hoping I will be there end of October/early November. (Everything has been pushed back month.) It would be awesome to meet Ernest after all this time. Such a pie man!

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